4th and Grove the intersection where dreams are born…

4th & Grove started as an interior design blog and evolved into a lifestyle brand.

We serve to inspire you to be your best self and unafraid to share who you are.

Use your voice, story, and gift to change the world.

We will be here to help you express yourself through our products and services.


R. Lamont

R.Lamont is the creator behind 4th & Grove from designing apparel and home decor, decorating residential and commercial properties to providing counseling services, consultations and advice.

For 15 years, R. Lamont has been offering quality counseling services to individuals and families. She has always been passionate about helping others and knew that it was in her calling to do so in multiple facets. Many appreciate her straight forward style and came to her outside of her professional career for advice. Recognizing that this was part of her gift; she decided to offer advice services to the masses outside of her practice.

"Sometimes people just want to hear the truth with love and care without the sugar coating.” R.L.

R.Lamont is a licensed professional counselor in the state of New Jersey. Ms. Lamont holds two graduate degrees from Seton Hall University, an Ed.S in Mental Health Counseling and an MA. Ed in Counseling. She holds a certificate as an Approved Clinical Supervisor offering supervision and training to future counselors. Ms. Lamont is a certified bariatric counselor, has certificates and extensive training in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Juvenile Sexual Offending counseling. Since 2003, she has provided individual, family, couples, and group therapy to New Jersey residents. Outside of her counseling career, Ms. Lamont co-owned a hair salon for 4 years, invests in residential properties, has 17 years experience in interior decorating and event design services to individuals and businesses, and authored 2 books. Her vast experiences and expertise has led her to be knowledgeable in an array of subjects. She lovingly offers advice and consultation in hopes to inspire and assist others in all areas and walks of life.


On & For Purpose

“My hope is for 4th & Grove to encourage women to be themselves unapologetically and change the world.” -R.L.

One day I searched online for products that inspired me and told my story in my words. I couldn’t find any, so I created a brand for women who share my vision.

"We are here on this planet, at this time, on purpose for purpose. Let’s do some good!” -R.L.

We are here for reasons greater than ourselves. We can choose to help others. We can literally change the world by doing our part, big or small. We have to believe in ourselves, our abilities, and start doing something to make our experience and the future better than the past.