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ORC Week 4: All Patched Up and Ready to Roll Powder Room Progress

YAAAAAS!!!!   The leak in the powder room has been repaired! 

I repeat the leak in the powder room has been repaired!!

It was definitely a nail biter.  

This is my first One Room Challenge and smack dab in the middle of it, I had a plumbing issues in my powder room. 

There was a leak in the pipe and we had to basically but a hole into the drywall to get to the pipe.  

The leak was coming through the toilet paper roll dispenser. 

Well, it's all good now and we are ready to roll!  (Get it! Ha, ha!)



One Room Challenge Week 3: Pennies on My Mind

Wow, we're already at week there smack dab in the middle of the ORC. 

I have some key things accomplished thanks to my hubby and the kids.

The penny floor was put down and the walls and trim are painted.

That sounds like almost everything, but nope. There is so much more to do. 

Wait a minute! A big snaffoo happened.