Start Decorating Your Home Today

So, you’re pulling your hair out.  That was a bit dramatic.  Okay, so you’re stressed out because your home, space, crib, or whatever you choose to call it; is not up to par.

You want your home to reflect you and look really nice.  You want your girls and family to come over and be impressed about your space.  So, you not really inviting anyone over like that because you are not proud of how it looks. 

You’re willing to spend a few bucks to make your space look the way you want.  Let’s face it, you want it to look the way you believe you deserve it to.  I mean you work hard (okay hard enough) and your space should show that.  You deserve to feel comfortable and proud of your space.  Hey, why not?!

Many people think that decorating is super easy, start to play interior designer, and that all you have todo is go to Homegoods and rack up.  Well, it takes waaaaaay more than that.  For real.

Here are 4 Easy Steps to Start Decorating Your Home

Disclaimer, I know you don’t want to hear what I have to say, so let’s get to it.

First:  Declutter your home, space, or room.  Let’s start small, so you can actually get the project and that room looking good.  After you chose which room you want to decorate, declutter it.  Take all the items in the room that you no longer use or need, then donate them to charity like Salvation Army. 

Second:  Clean.  Clean your space thoroughly like wipe the walls down, mop the floors and everything in between.  You space is already looking better!

Third: Organize.  Now that you’ve decluttered your space and cleaned it. It’s time for

organization and not involving others.  Put like things together and put items where they belong.

Fourth:  This step is much longer, but here is a snippet.  I will provide details on this step in a future post so subscribe for my weekly decor tips to learn more.  The final step to decorating your home is to find inspiration and do something about it.   This can be through an inspiration board where you use Pinterest or make a collage from decor and interior design inspiration from magazines.  From there window shop or search on line for the best deals on items that appear similar to your.  Then, PRESTO! Make the purchase and start decorating.  

Please be sure to make it your own with items you like, pictures of your family, and artwork of your taste.  There is nothing more sad in the design world than a room that looks like a generic copy of a magazine or showroom floor.  Boring!  Make your home YOURS, your style, your taste, your history, your culture, and your likes.  Now, we talking!

What you waiting for?  Pick a room, closet, or draw and start decluttering!! 

I'm nosy, read my bio and you'll see why.  I want to know where you are going to start with your decor.  Please comment below.  Let the fun begin.