Like most people, you don't really have time to do an overhaul and redecorate your entire home. You're busy, you work, have a social life, and you're tired.  

Your girls are coming over and you want your space to look hot. Give them something to talk about and relish in your accomplishments.  Dag on it, you just want your house to look nice for you to have something to come home that makes you proud!

You work hard and should have something to show for it.  

Why not have a beautiful home that you can enjoy?!  

Below I've listed 3 small tips that can make a big impact when decorating your home.  

Try them. You'll see.

Small Tip #1 To Make Big Impact When Decorating

First impressions are super important.  

You have to wow them at the door.

Whether you are trying to sell your home, impress your girlfriends, invited the special someone for a nightcap, when you open your door, you have to wow them.  

You don't need a grand entry way to execute this, although that would help!

Small bench with a throw on it and mirror above it.

Mirror, console table with flowers and books on it, small cute plate to hold keys and stuff.

No space for any of these, then just a mirror or beautiful work of art near the entrance.

Small Tip #2 To Make Big Impact When Decorating

The light, Caroline the light.....Poltergeist reference.  And yes, I'm corny!

Lighting is key.  

Accentuate the things you are proud of like put a light fixture above a nice work of art.

Add a beautiful lamp on the coffee table flanking the sofa or two lamps on each side of the console at the entrance.  

You have a reading nook area than a floor lamp can go right there!  It'll help you see better and add some interest to the space.  

Don't be afraid to add several light sources to a room.  

For added drama, have a dimmer or remote control for your lights.  If you like entertaining, it's always fun to set the mood.  Ha, you can you use this for that nightcap guest!

Want to help the Earth and your pockets; use energy efficient lighting.

I'm really into antique bulbs (you can find it at your local hardware store) the hue is a little dimmer and the bulb itself look like a work of art.

Small Tip #3 To Make Big Impact When Decorating


Okay, so did you get that!  ART!! Artwork! 

Even the way I wrote art in repetition looks like a work of art.  

I don't really think one can really have enough artwork.  

Artwork can add color, drama, tell a story, and fill an empty space on your walls.

You can buy a painting authentic or commercial pieces at your local home store.  

You can buy posters and frame them, take pictures of landscape, nature, your community and frame them, make a gallery wall of picture of flowers or something that your into, and frame them (you can buy a book with awesome pictures and frame them, the list goes on.  

Use artwork that mean something to you and tells your story.  


3 Small Tips to Make a Big Impact When Decorating Your Home :

1.  Killer entryway to wow them at the door

2. Lighting to add drama and highlight the cool stuff

3.  Art to tell a story and fill those blank walls

BONUS TIP: ALWAYS make your space a representation of who you are or who you are working to become.  

Your home should tell your story and not look like a page in a magazine.  FYI:  Those are staged to look appealing to a large variety of people and their generic.  

You should want your home to be a place that speaks to how great you are, your worthiness, and your beauty.  And that my friend is priceless!!