Hello 4th & Grove Family,

Unfortunately, this will be 4 & G's final Celebrity Match Up.

We will focus more on creating blogs with interior design tips and inspiration.  

Our final Match Up relates to who will hold the fate of our country's future: 

Presidential Nominees

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump

Find out how their style and persona match up with today's interior design styles.

I hope that Celebrity Match Ups taught you how to use your fashion style and personality as inspiration to decorate your space.  Simply thinking about the things you love like the fabrics you admire, the colors you enjoy, and how you like to look on your casual or formal days are all tips for finding your decor style and ideas to decorate your home.  

If you are looking for a casual space that suit your style look for a denim couch or denim throw pillows, a sweater pillow, or a jute rug. If you want a formal looking space think about the fabrics you like (faux) fur, silk, cashmere and think of what you can add in your room in those textures: fur throw, silk window treatments, cashmere throw pillows, and the list goes on.  Your space should reflect you.  Start with your style and sky's the limit!

Now, Hillary and Trump are definitely two characters with very distinct styles and personalities. One thing they have in common is luxury.

Hillary's style is conservative, traditional, with a little contemporary somewhere in there. Her persona and fashion style match the transitional design style (heavy on the traditional).  

Trump's fashion style from the bold ties and tailored suits appears to match with the luxury traditional interior design style. 

Below are some decor pictures inspired by their styles.


Kitchen photo from houzz.com

kitchen photo by Randall Kurt Photography

Kitchen Design by Beyond Beige Interior Designs

Living room photo from www.eastsidehomelink.com

Office space photo from  www.zillow.com   Bedroom photo from  http://danurejan.dvrlists.com

Office space photo from www.zillow.com

Bedroom photo from http://danurejan.dvrlists.com

Which potential future president's interior decor style which do you prefer?