YAAAAAS!!!!   The leak in the powder room has been repaired! 

I repeat the leak in the powder room has been repaired!!

It was definitely a nail biter.  

This is my first One Room Challenge and smack dab in the middle of it, I had a plumbing issues in my powder room. 

There was a leak in the pipe and we had to basically but a hole into the drywall to get to the pipe.  

The leak was coming through the toilet paper roll dispenser. 

Well, it's all good now and we are ready to roll!  (Get it! Ha, ha!)

I have to repair the penny floor as the leak did cause some damage.  

Last week, we managed to wallpaper the ceiling. Pictures are below.

This week's goals:

-repair penny floor

-grout penny floor

-paint accent wall (color is: Tantalizing Teal)

-molding around the ceiling

-purchase all accessories, mirror, and lighting (yeah, super important!)


Progress... the removable wallpaper (from (the home depot)on the ceiling came together nicely. 


I have to repair the penny floor after a leak caused some damage to all that hard work to install them.  I removed a row of pennies and some random pieces throughout so we can make it look good! 


The large hole from the wall caused by the master bath leak was repaired. HOORAY!!


This accent wall is going to be painted tantalizing teal.

So much more to and so much fun!  

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