Do you have items in your home that are on reserve for no apparent reason?  

You tell yourself, one day I will use it, when I have guests I will use it, use that china only on Thanksgiving Day.  

Having that body wash for Lord knows how long, don't want to use that lotion or perfume often because it costs so much or it was a gift and you wouldn't spend that much money on that, and the list goes on.  You get my point.

I'm sure you have a host of stuff in your home that you are holding hostage.  You have it saved up or displayed up like a museum item.

I am here to say YOLO (you only live once- for those who don't know)!!  Use your stuff people!

Last spring I used a tea set that I had for 10 years still in the box.  My girls wanted to have a tea party and I was like hold up, I got a tea set for that.  I wasn't going to use it at first, but then I was like why not?  It's been in the box for 10 YEARS for crying out loud.  What!!

The rest was history, now we use it often and enjoy it.  It hasn't broken yet and if it does oh well!  

Okay, I have another confession, my cousin gave me this super good smelling soap about 7 or so years ago and I haven't used it 'cause it smells so good.  Really people.  I am going to use it tonight.  My last confession is on the top shelf of my towel closet.  I have several white towels that I purchased because they were so beautiful and luxurious looking.

I used them for decor in the bathroom years ago. I just am not a fan of white when it gets dirty.  I decided to give them away and let someone else use it if I'm not going to.  I also put some in my guest room for my visitors.  

I am here to close all museum houses.  

Things are to be seen, used, and enjoyed.

What's the point of working hard for something and never using it?

The intention of a gift is for you to enjoy it.

Use your china- growing up we used our china for Sunday dinners.

My home decor is nice, but I let my kids run loose, they play soccer with their toys everywhere. They are the reason I bought the home.  So, why not.  

Every space is free reign (not my hubby's home office), but we try to use all spaces in our home.  

My dining room is my home office during the week (I can keep an eye on the kids in the family room) and we eat Sunday dinners there now.  I use my fine china like my mom use to when I was growing up.  

Tea Parties are so much fun now that we get to use my fancy tea sets, serving ware and get all dressed up.  I decided to use all the body sprays, perfumes, lotions, hair products, and soaps that I have before purchasing new ones.  

YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE- enjoy it while it lasts!

What are the museum items and rooms in your home?  How will you start using them?