5 Ways To Makeover Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the home. 

In many homes, it’s located near the entrance, therefore the first impression a visitor receives about you and your home is reflected in the living room.  

If you’re anything like me, then you like to change up your living room every now and then.  Confession time, I change mines up like every three months or so. 

I will provide you with 5 ways to makeover your living room without really doing so or breaking the bank.

In my home, I always keep my living room neutral, so I can always change up the color palette.  In my previous home, my living and dining room wall colors were white and very pale brown color. 

In my present home, my living room walls are white and off white.  The seating is the same as my previous home which is beige. 

I once changed out my accessories or switch up the artwork, my living room looks totally different each time. 

I will share some tips on how I makeover my living room several times a year.

Tip #1 to Makeover Your Living Room

Switch out your window treatments.  Window treatments can dress up, dress down, add color, or texture to a room. 

Change the look of your space by simply changing your window treatment. 

Think of what the look and feel you want for your space and use your window treatments to set the tone. 

You want a luxury feel go for velvet or silk drapes, casual feel could be striped, denim or khaki fabric or toned window curtains, or you could just do blinds or no treatments at all if you have a great view. 

Tip #2 to Makeover Your Living Room

Accessorize your seating.  Adding throw pillow covers instead of buying new throw pillows can do the trick and save you a buck or two. 

A throw cover can add drama, coziness, or color to the room.  Do both to fill up the sofa and seating area for a lush look.  Be careful not to overdo it. 

There is nothing more uncomfortable than a sofa full of throw pillow pancaking your guest.  I like to add faux sheep skin to seating for a luxe look and added texture.

Tip #3 to Makeover Your Living Room

Switch out the artwork.  This is something I do not do quite often because I can be a bit clumsy and lazy. 

You can switch out a painting for a framed poster or put different pictures in your frames. 

Tip #4 to Makeover Your Living Room

Add a rug.  Add a simple rug to the area can really make a big statement.  It does not have to be something pricey. 

Try to balance out the old and new and expensive and inexpensive in your space.  Choose solid good quality furnishing which may be pricier, then skimp on accessories.  A rug can add color or a luxe feel to a room.

I love adding texture with rugs like a nice jute, weave, or exotic rug to tell a story.  Ooh, there is nothing like a nice furry rug under your feet on a cold winter day and bonus it looks good!

Tip #5 to Makeover Your Living Room

Coffee tables are not just for holding drinks anymore.  If you have drinks in your living room having really nice coasters can be used as an accessory to add color or fun to the table. 

Play up the coffee table like something fun.  Don’t be afraid to add books, magazines, fun knickknacks, a candle, floral arrangement is a must (real flowers please), and a tray to pull it all together. 

There are tons of ways to makeover your living room, but use these tips if you want to switch up the room without doing a major overhaul.

Happy makeover enjoy!

Feel free to share your plans for a mini makeover in your living room.