How to Decorate Your Living Room for $500 bucks or Less

I will show you how to decorate your living room for $500 or less and where to purchase key items.

 In this article, you will learn the staple items your living room should have to look gorgeous without breaking the bank.

I’m not talking bare essentials the whole nitty gritty here.  I will give you ideas on how to accessorize your living room for $500 bucks or less assuming you have furniture already.

How to Decorate Your Living Room for $500 Bucks or Less Tip #1

RUG- a rug grounds a space and can serve as artwork for a room.  It’s super important to get the right size rug for your space.  Please check my Pinterest page for articles on how to choose the correct size rug. 

For budget shopping go to Walmart, Target, Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Hobby Lobby.  You can also go to your local carpet store and purchase a remnant.  They can place a border on a remnant for you too. 

Another way to save is to use 2 smaller rugs side by side or layer inexpensive rugs.  I find some of the most beautiful rugs at thrift and vintage stores for dirt cheap.

How to Decorate Your Living Room for $500 Bucks or Less Tip #2

THROW- a good throw can be what adds a pop of color to the room, ties the colors together, add texture, cover up a stain or scratch on your sofa, or serve its purpose to keep you warm. 

Pending on the look and feel of your living room design, you may want a faux fur throw for drama and luxury, a knitted or sweater throw for a look of comfort or relaxation, cashmere or velvet can add luxe feel as well, or whatever pleases you. 

I find the best throws luxe for less wise at Home Goods.  Target usually has the chunky knitted sweater throws fair priced.

How to Decorate Your Living Room for $500 Bucks or Less Tip #3

THROW PILLOWS- My fave, can’t have enough of these.  I like to change the throw pillows or throw pillow cases to totally change up the style or color scheme in the living room. 

Add fun, drama, texture, and color to your living room by using different textures and patterns mix and match add some solids and patterns not just all solids or all patterns. 

How to Decorate Your Living Room for $500 Bucks or Less Tip #4

WELL ACCESSORIZED COFFEE TABLE- In the decorating world, there is nothing sexier than a living room with a well accessorized coffee table.  To achieve this, the items placed on your coffee table must represent you, not anyone else or some Pinterest or magazine picture. 

What are like three things about you that are maybe mysterious or obvious?  Add some books to your coffee table about what you like, hey maybe you can actually pick it up and read it yourself like a book about travels, or let’s say your dream is to visit India then a book about Traveling to India would be perfect. 

My goal in life is to travel to the 7 wonders of the world, so a book about that is visually appealing also represents a large part of who I am and what I love. I constant reminder to me to work towards my goal. People usually want high fashion books like Tom Ford or something they saw on a photo shoot, but if that isn’t what you are really into, then it’s not authentic. 

Affordable ways to accessorize your coffee table is the oh so famous Goodwill store.  I have found the best stuff there. Your local décor store can have some good finds too.  Try not to get too knick knacky, this is your house not grandma’s house. 

How to Decorate Your Living Room for $500 Bucks or Less Tip #5

WINDOW TREATMENT-  Imagine you are in a beautiful evening gown, your hair is well done and your make up is flawless.  You glimpse in the mirror, but something is missing.  Then you put on your beautiful earrings glistening in the light; they make the dress. Well, that’s what a good window treatment can for your living room. 

Window treatments can dress the room up, down, add a pop of color, or tie everything together.  You can check out Pinterest for ideas on where and how to hang your curtain to add the look of height to your room or make a small window seem wide.

Window treatments can seem a little pricey, but shopping around can help.  A good quality window treatment goes a long way because an inexpensive one will make your room look cheap and we don’t want that. 

If you are in the NJ area, Marburn Curtain Factory/Warehouse is a good find.  You can also find quality window treatments at major department stores. 

How to Decorate Your Living Room for $500 Bucks or Less Tip #6

ARTWORK/MIRRORS- Large, small, and in between, artwork and mirrors make a statement.  On a budget, you can purchase canvas and paint from an art supply store like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or AC Moore.  Then go to town. 

If you are not much of an artist, abstract art will do.  You can also use children’s artwork to add color, fun, and some love to your space.  Artwork can be purchased at various stores like the art supply stores listed above. 

I’ve thrifted some awesome mirrors and artwork.  One of my favorite things to do is to purchase artwork from thrift stores for cheap, remove the artwork, and spray paint the frame.

You can create a gallery wall of frames. You can purchase posters, take (themed) pictures out of an old book, pictures from a magazine like National Geographic, or pictures from the internet that suite your interest.  Frame these pictures and you now have instant artwork. Ikea stores sell inexpensive frames. 

If your budget is super tight, the dollar store has some frames that you can use as well.   You can create a gallery wall of images, art, and mirrors.  It’s a good way to fill a wall and mix and match items of different price points so your space doesn’t look cheap.

To decorate your living room for less all you need is a few staple items to dress up the room: rug, throw, throw pillows, window treatments, artwork, mirrors, and a well accessorized coffee table. 

Oh, and don't forget the lighting!!!