Sometimes to know where you are going, you have to remember how you got there, and why you are headed in that direction anyway.

Last weekend, I went back to where it all began 4th and Grove.  

That's where I grew up; 4th Avenue and Grove Street in East Orange, New Jersey.  That’s where I thought up all these dreams that are waiting to be executed.  

Humble beginnings is the least to say. 

Growing up, I had no idea!!!  

My foundation is grounded brick by brick from the morals and values my parents instilled in me. 

Every sweat that dripped from their hard working bodies, every dream they realized, and every speech they gave me to be better, want more, and believe in myself is how I got here. 

I can feel my ancestors in my veins, pushing me forward, driving my destiny, and awakening in me something I knew I had but seldom paid attention. 

I am on the path to financial freedom doing what I love, spending more time with my family, and traveling the world. 

I will realize my dream. 

Watch me! I will tweet, message, and document my journey through words and pictures.  Join me!

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On the path to my dream, I need to be in the moment and feel every millisecond of it.  The road to my dream is part of the dream.  There is no point in working hard if you can’t enjoy the moments. 

The truth is I am living my dream right now.  I love to write, I love interior decorating, I love my children, my husband, my family, my home, and spirituality.  It is important for me to be in the present fully to get what I want for myself in the future. 

This moment was my dream in the past. I need to take it all in.

What is have you dreamed up for yourself?  Please comment below.