Lighting is important and a key element in decorating any room.

It is key to figure out the mood and function of a room to determine its lighting needs.

For example: Say, you like to read in your bedroom, but not in bed.  You have a small reading nook area, you sometimes use your laptop while laying in bed, like to pick out your clothes in the morning with minimal light to avoid waking up your partner, and don't like bright light in your bedroom.  The solution:  A nice reading lamp in your reading nook.  A lamp for your side table near your bed or a reading lamp attached to the wall on your side of the bed, some light in your closet maybe on dimmers so you can adjust it to your needs, and the list goes on.

Lighting is the one area in decorating many people neglect or just don't focus on.

Lighting is key to design, function, and mood.  The wrong lighting can break a mood.  Imagine being on a first date with a spotlight on your forehead. The right lighting can make a mood.  Imagine being on a first date with dim lighting just enough so that huge zit sitting on your nose that came from nowhere this morning is not the center of attention, but enough light where you can check the other person's goods out.  Okay that was long winded and seem a little personal, LOL.

Seriously, lighting is a key element to decorating and design from luxurious chandeliers to a simple night light; it can be meaningful and purposeful.  

Please do not count out lighting when decorating, it can make or break a beautifully decorated room.

What type of lighting do you enjoy the most in your home? Please comment below.