Interior design is not just finding pretty thing and adding it to your home. Decorating shiuld inspire you and other who come to your space.  There should vr a sense of comfort and function to a space. Interior decorating your home should tell your story, what's important to you, who's important to you, and what's your story.

For instance, my home is filled with haitian art, art of all kinds, mask collection from around the globe, just to name a few. In the picture above, is an example of my entryway console/buffet (multi purpose, that's a whole other blog article). I styled the console with a masculine approach but with a book recommended from my brother in law that I enjoy, jewelry from Hawaii from my sister, and a storage book to keep pen and paper, and a silver ball to add some brightness and something new. Through this you can see some things about me, I am connected to my family, I value what they recommend and give me, and I enjoy masculine elements.  You learn a little about my story, simply by walking in my entryway.  The inspiration from my family began in my childhood starting with my grandmother. 

In high school I wrote a poem titled, A Homage to My Grandmother. In the poem, I described how a woman from an impoverished country thin framed white and golden haired inspired her granddaughter from a thousand miles away by simply just being herself.  

I always felt privileged when my grandmother, Grun Zun is what we affectionately called her, would ask me to braid her hair.  I was all of maybe 10 years old and would make the most hideous styles, but she would look in the mirror tell me that I did well. 

My dad would later tell me how Grun Zun would walk miles at 4am to purchase fresh bread from the bakery to sell in the city during rush hour.  He told me how she took great care of her two sons and grandchildren in Haiti. 

I think back that if my grandmother could raise her children and run a business on shear determination and hard work, then why can't I. Every time I think to complain or give up, I think of Grun Zun walking at 4am in worn shoes mile after mile to provide for her family independently. 

With this story, I want to share determination, hard work, and perseverance.  I also wanted to share the importance of taking culture, tradition, history, and your story to fuse into the style of your home when decorating. Your home should tell the story of you from your style through color and furniture choices, your culture in artwork like paintings, rugs, textiles, sculptures, and your history, interest, or personality from books you have around your home. 

Look around your home or office; what does it say about you? What's your story, what inspires you, is that what you keep around you or not? If not, you definitely have some work to do!!!

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