It was all a dream...  You can turn your dream room or home into a reality using a vision board.  Yeah, Yeah... I know vision boards are all the rage especially in January when everyone's working on their new year's resolutions.  You may feel that is it out of reach to have a vision board for your home or space or maybe that it's just weird, but the truth is, it's a very organized way to stay focused, on budget, and on target with exactly what you would like for your room.  Read below on how to create a vision board for your upcoming dream space! 

Décor Vision Board

Create a décor vision board on your own manually the old school way with magazines.  The new school way of modern technology by making a Pinterest board which is probably the easiest and fastest way. Another way is to paste things from the internet to a document.  Gather photos of spaces similar to yours, make a collage of the way you want it to look, pieces you would like to have, and colors of your interest for walls and accessories.  Be sure to include everything from walls, accessories, flooring, and furniture.  It’s a vision board for the interior of your home.  You don’t have to know the exact way you will decorate or what furniture or big items you will use; all you need is some inspiration. 

An interior decorating vision board is like putting a collage together of all things that will motivate you to decorate your home in the way you’ve always dreamed of. 

Tip:  Create a separate vision board for each room.  Decorate room by room.  It will make it easier to find the items you desire and help you remain focused.

Items needed:

·        Paper (scrapbook, standard paper, or construction paper)

·        Glue Stick

·        Tons of magazines and newspapers

·        Printed pictures from the internet

·        Scissors

Here's how to create an interior decorating vision board:

Look through your favorite magazine and cut out pics of clothing, colors, fabrics, accessories, furniture, and your heart’s desire.  Don’t be afraid to choose pics of items you can’t afford.

Glue the pictures onto construction paper. Be sure the paper is small enough to fit on your person or in your purse.  Take it along with you when you go shopping.  Now, go shopping!

Use your new interior decorating vision board as inspiration when you window shop or looking to buy something for your home. 

Take the pics of items you think you can’t afford to find the same look for less in stores. Almost everything out there has a replica that is reasonably priced or will go on sale one day. Get the faux fur throw instead the pricey real one, shop discount stores for furniture pieces, and thrift stores for one of a kind finds. Someone else’s left overs can be your treasure! Vision boards can keep you focused by maintaining your style and getting the staple pieces for your space. 

Yes, we are in the modern age, so you can make your interior decor vision board online by finding inspiration pics, using Pinterest  (free online pin board that you can use to organize pictures, or do it on a program like Canva (free online document that you can use to put all pictures and words on one sheet or more if you like, good way to condense everything to one page).  I think it's more fun the old school hands on way, but that’s me.

Grab some friends and make it a party- an interior decor vision board party that is!! 

Then shop like a boss!