For today's celebrity match up; I chose.... the infamous CHRIS BROWN.  I will match his fashion style and image to an interior decorating style and sample rooms.

Chris Brown has a cool edgy style with the urban masculine touch. Chris is trendy, but ahead of the game when it comes to being a trendsetter from his blonde hair, tattoos, and cool dance moves.  I can still say there is that softer side of Chris as a loving father assuring the safety and comfort of his daughter; for me that's where the contemporary comes in.  For Chris Breezy, the interior decor match up I chose is urban contemporary and urban modern.

I found a cool article with masculine decor styles and pics called A Man's Guide To Knowing Your Interior Design Style. For all you guys out there that are too shy to say you're into decor, check this out.  To all the partners out there looking to get your mate something for the holidays,trying to figure out their decor style, or buy them something they'll like.  

Which room do you think defines Chris' fashion style the most: Neutral Bedroom, Whimsy Chandelier Bedroom, the Black n White Living Room, or the Neutral Loft?