Let's start the year off in WOW!!!  The individual chosen this week may quite not fit the title celebrity, but the first person I thought of for this year's Match Up Monday.  He is known around the planet. He made the impossible seem possible; better yet like.. Yeah, dreams come true with action!  He represents leadership, charisma, and tradition with a bit of swag.  

4th & Grove's 1st Celebrity Match Up Monday is the man himself...  The President of the United States of America, BARACK OBAMA.

2016 is the year to get fired up and motivated, to change and progress, to take action and live your life's purpose.  Well, at least it is for me a and I hope for you too.  When thinking about a prominent individual who's a game changer and a representation of achieving a dream that appeared impossible I thought of President Obama.  He stood with a thought, a dream in his mind, and no matter what people say he believed and is now the President of the United States.

Think about yourself and all the dreams you have that may seem impossible or unrealistic. Those dreams serve a purpose  that can make someone's life better.  So, you sitting there reading my blog, but really; what are you waiting for?!  Go out there and do it.  I am!!  P.S. I am not into politics, but I am into go-getters and manifestors.

Ok, enough of the motivational talk, let's get to it.  Below are the decor matches I chose for the president.  I chose the styles based on what President Obama's image says to me: masculine traditional contemporary decor; kind of like business meets laid back swag but don't get it twisted cause I'm really 'bout my business.  Ha, Ha that was a mouthful!

Take a look...

All three designs have masculine elements like leather and dark neutral colors: browns, grays, and blacks. The traditional elements in some of the decor are in the architecture of the room, fireplace, moldings, and flooring.  The contemporary style can be seen in the accessories, furniture, painted exposed brick, rugs, soft leather (swag), and lighting, lighting, lighting!!  The first room is my personal fave for President Obama's match up.


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