In celebration of the first day of Black History month. One of the most powerful women on the planet will be our match up. With biceps to die for and the intellect to match, this week's match up has taught our nation that health and nutrition are vital for us to live and grow, that a black woman can set fashion trends that sell out of stores, grace the cover of high fashion magazines, represent our country with respect and dignity, and can stand beside, behind, and with her man while standing up for herself.  

This week match up is Michelle Obama.  

I am so proud. Mrs. Obama has done our nation, people, and culture proud. My daughter came to me and said that Mrs. Obama is one of the most beautiful people on Earth. The conviction she said it with shows me that she was referring to her physical appearance and her spirit.  How great is that for young black girls to see someone that looks like them in that position?

On many days when I feel lazy to work out I think of Mrs. Obama wking up at 4am to exercise. Other days when I don't feel up to supporting my husband; I see her standing beside President Obama (in her flats). 

I am so happy when I teach my girls about Michelle Obama. I say she is a lawyer and the first lady of the United States. She is smart, teaches the world to be healthy, and helps people all around the planet. They smile from ear to ear. I like to think because they see someone that looks like them and the women in their life, and inside their spirit confirms that YES, you CAN do anything!

Mrs. Obama decor match up is contemporary style. Here is her match up: a great room that comprises numerous spaces including the kitchen, the heart of the home. Traditional looking with modern aspects, yet just right here in our moment making it contemporary design. Stunning just like the First Lady!!