Every Monday, I will choose a celebrity to match with a decor style 

Mondays can be a drag.  Well, at least if you make it.  Every Monday morning, I will bring you a cup of Joe and a breath of fresh air via Match Up Mondays.  In attempts to brighten your mood and lift your spirits for the week; I will choose a celebrity picture and match it to a decor style based on their fashion and persona. 

This week:  Double WHAMMY...  (OK, I watched Anchor Man 2 this weekend, sorry I had to.)

Kim Kardashian... the NOTORIOUS K.I.. to the M and the Kardashian/Jenner Family

With this look, Kim reminded me of old Hollywood glamour mixed with modern and contemporary. So, take a look of the interior decor this look inspired.

I was having some fun with this one.  Come on ya'll I had to pick something gaudy, luxurious, and flashy. This is a real king's room by the way!  Queen Kim holla!  She did slay it in the dress!

Here, we have the whole Kardashian/Jenner crew.  I like the black, white and neutral effect, so I picked rooms that show off the color.  I'm thinking: contemporary, modern, clean, and fun! Some rooms have gold paying homage to blonde hair. Winks!

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Do you have any match up pics that fit for the Kardashians/Jenner ladies?