Last Friday was not a typical shopping day for me.

I had all three of my children with me... it was a teacher in service day.  My children are ages 2, 4, and 7.

I'm looking for items for my interior decorating clients, and doing serious multitasking while trying to execute some last minute school uniform shopping for my 4 year old.  

P.S.  never shop for school uniforms in late September.  You will find close to nothing, fast. 

While shopping for my daughter's uniform.  

I found some cool home decor stuff in less than likely places.  


I also managed to veer off into a furniture store or two.  

My 2 year old decided he wanted to take a nap, so many of the pics were taken by my 7 year old named Gabby aka future photographer daughter.  I had to hold the baby, my purse, and manage my hyper 4 year old, so someone had to take the pics.

Gabby loved the task that she was given.  So, here we go!!  

The Dump...yeah off the path, but it was on the way. I refocused afterward though.  Items here are a discount price and are NOT used.

They are new or from the showroom floor of your favorite furniture stores.  There are always beautiful and rare finds here.  Definitely check it out.

PS  They only open Fri, Sat, and Sun.

Forman Mills...I didn't know they had a home section.  get only small quality pieces Only , i suggest that you don't go big here due to quality.  They have mirrors, chatski's, and paintings.

Walmart...The big Dub "W"   The style looks vintage old hollywood glamour.

Lighting Store

And of course, my phone went dead and I had no charger, so I did find some new cool thrift and consignment shops along the way.  

Want to find a furniture or decor store near you, just use the google map app to request what you may be interested to see.  

It's as simple as putting furniture store in your google maps app when you are on the road. All the furniture stores near your location will pop up. Choose one and go!