Decorate or Die!  

4 Tips To A Gorgeous Home


I am sitting here (in the playground with my toddler and there’s no place I’d rather be) trying to find a sense of freedom and my own voice.  

This is all while figuring out my own reality of being a full time mother and worker.  I am chasing a dream to do what I love ALL. THE. TIME. 

Would I die if I did not have a reason to breathe?  

Well, interior decorating is my reason. 

I am bringing my dream into fruition.  I love…unlimited time with my children, having some me time, writing, and decorating.  So, I sat down one day in my family room and it all just clicked.

Why don’t I do just that?  ….And so I am.  I decided to start my own decorating business and blog about interior design.  Two birds with one stone right.  Nice!  

Well, these birds need to be lucrative ‘cause momma got bills to pay. 

So, the dilemma…  What exactly should I blog about I mean I need to have a niche, right?!  That’s what my brother told me.  I’m so diverse that I can’t seem to narrow down to just one thing because I like sooo much when it comes to decorating and interior design.

Here are some things I am passionate about when it comes to décor.  Fortunately for you, they just happen to be some juicy tips that you can use to make your house/apartment/whatever you want to call it, a home. 

4 Tips to a Gorgeous Home

Tip #1 Function: Your home should have things that have a purpose and GETS SOME USE. 

Growing up our living room was like a museum.  We only got to sit in there when company came over. 

The couches were covered in plastic and the carpet had a plastic walkway.  We were not allowed in the most beautiful room in the house. 

Many people still do the same thing today.  They buy beautiful furniture and pieces and make the space off limits to themselves to preserve the beauty.  You know, to just walk by the room every now and then and admire it.

Well, that makes no sense to me.  It’s your home, your sanctuary, and you should enjoy it. 

I will be holding a mass funeral for all home museum spaces.

At the repast, I will show YOU, yes YOU how to have a gorgeous space that you can enjoy as much as you want without worry of destroying anything and that does NOT cost a fortune.

A Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous looking home for you.  For real.

Tip #2 Personality/Character: Every space should be a reflection of something about you or what you love.

Please no overkill.  Traveling, books, poetry, art, your family and friends, hobbies, fashion, and sports (tastefully). Hello, something people! 

These things will tell a story, but most of all you will be surrounded by what you love.  How great is that!  

Tip #3 Texture, Texture, and more Texture. 

On a stormy night, there’s nothing better than snuggling under my furry throw (faux that is).  That throw looks pretty sexy on my living room couch when not in use by the way.   

Another way to bring texture to your space is functional simple things like a woven basket from South America or Africa by way of your local discount home retailer (Home Goods, Target, or Pier 1 and the list goes on) near the fireplace or a sofa. No flames here.

I like to just escape from reality and catch up with fashion so, I fill it with TONS of magazines, even trashy ones from the grocery store.  Sorry! 

So far we already tied in function with character and texture. Say what!  (That was said in my 1980’s hip hop voice.)

Tip #4 Affordable:  My motto is any budget (okay almost, I can’t perform miracles), any style, let’s make it happen. 

There is always a way to a beautiful space whether you live in a studio in the city, a house in the burbs, on a farm (shot out to my Jersey Farmers), the hood (yes, you can have a beautiful space anywhere let’s lay the stereotypes to rest), or in a high rise apartment.

Copy high end looks with department store lookalikes and then some. 

You can make a décor vision board of how you would like your space, and the furniture and accessories you would like in it. 

Go on a hunt to discount stores you like and find the clones for half the price or even less.  You can even gather up some friends and make it a girl’s night. 

I suggest a vision board for each space.  It makes it way easier.  Hey, I can’t tell you all my secrets.  At least not too soon. I can help you achieve the look.  Hire me!

Click here to learn more ways to build beautiful home without breaking the bank. 

I’d love to hear from you.  I’m interested in what’s the museum space in your home.  Comment below.