One Room Challenge:   Powder Room Reveal Week 6


One Room Challenge: Powder Room Reveal Week 6

Week 6 has finally arrived!!

The past few weeks have been filled with triumphs, disasters, and everything in between.

My saving grace was tons of help from my sisters, my husband, and my two girls. I am so grateful for everyone's help.

A special thank you to Linda from Calling It Home for doing the One Room Challenge. It was definitely the motivation I needed to get these two rooms completed.

We bought our home almost five years ago. It was one big vanilla shell as a new build. Slowly we tackled some rooms, but with our busy schedules several are left undone.  

The One Room Challenge pushed me to complete our rooms and tap into my creativity to design spaces that are fun and representative if my family. To save some bucks, my husband and I did everything ourselves and I shopped discount stores for the goods.


One Room Challenge: Boys Man Cave Bedroom Final Reveal Week 6


One Room Challenge: Boys Man Cave Bedroom Final Reveal Week 6

Week 6 is here and the little man cave bedroom is all done!

A true labor of love all worth seeing my son smile from ear to ear. 

Thank you Linda from Calling It Home for an awesome idea like the One Room Challenge.  It pushed me to finally complete my son's bedroom from family storage space with baby furniture to a big boys room supportive of imaginative play. 

The man cave idea just sprung into my head and I went straight to action.  I had some design fails like a DYI antler light fixture gone wrong and a cow hide rug that just didn't make the cut.

All in all it was a hit. I love how it turned out. He loves it! It may just be one of the coolest bedrooms in the house.

I was able to get some really cool finds



ORC Week 5: Tantalizing Teal Powder Room Vibes

The powder room vibes have me seeing tantalizing teal.

This week, I painted the accent wall in teal. 

It's gonna look so good with the copper mirror.

Teal and copper are perfect together.  

I also grouted the penny floor in black. 

We added ceiling molding as well.  

My husband will work on the bathroom sink to add a new fixture. 

So much more to be done...


ORC Week 5: Lights Out in the Little Man Cave


ORC Week 5: Lights Out in the Little Man Cave

This week in the man cave, the goal was to create the light fixture and the window treatment. 

The light fixture project is questionable and I don't love how the project came out. 

Truthfully, I may scrap it all and keep it simple without antler designs. 

The window treatment, well let's just say that purchased everythi by needed, but just haven't actually put it together.  

I completed the shopping for the roo. And just need to put it all together now.  

I super excited about this project and know my son will just fall in love with it all, which makes it even more sweet! 



ORC Week 4: All Patched Up and Ready to Roll Powder Room Progress

YAAAAAS!!!!   The leak in the powder room has been repaired! 

I repeat the leak in the powder room has been repaired!!

It was definitely a nail biter.  

This is my first One Room Challenge and smack dab in the middle of it, I had a plumbing issues in my powder room. 

There was a leak in the pipe and we had to basically but a hole into the drywall to get to the pipe.  

The leak was coming through the toilet paper roll dispenser. 

Well, it's all good now and we are ready to roll!  (Get it! Ha, ha!)