At 4th & Grove with every product or service you purchase, you help a child in need.

We are proud to support an organization near and dear to our hearts.

To fully understand why 4th & Grove chose to support Restavek Freedom, you have to know the story. 


It started in Haiti years before I was born with my grandmother, Marilee.  My grandmother was an intelligent, beautiful, giving person.  Unfortunately, she passed away when my mother was 11 years old.

When Marilee was alive; she would show generosity to others by providing the homeless in her community with food when she made dinner for her family.   As a single mother she didn’t have much, but it was something that was in her heart to do. 

Through a series of unfortunate events following my grandmother’s passing, my mother became homeless on the streets at age 11.

Although, she is no longer physically present; her legacy continues to live within us. 

My grandmother’s giving heart came full circle.

A homeless man who she would often feed found that my mother was living on the streets.  He would often do odd jobs for the elite and noticed that one of his “clients” could use some help.  He offered for my mother to be of service to them (work in their store and do light cleaning) in exchange for food, shelter, and education.  They agreed.  This is how my mother became a restavek. 

In Haiti, a restavek is a child who is in servitude usually in exchange for basic needs such as food, clothing, education, and shelter.   

Fortunately, my mother’s story ended well as the family provided for her needs, treated her as their own child, and eventually adopted her.  Five years later, they moved to the United States and the rest is herstory. 

Not many restavek stories end or begin like my mother’s. 

In Haiti, it is common for families in the country side or in severe poverty to offer their child for servitude in hopes for a better life with an understanding that the child will be cared for more than the family can provide.  Many children in these situations end up with people that treat them unfairly, work them hours on end, don’t provide them with an education, and don’t allow them to see their families. 

Restavek Freedom is an organization that is bringing the truth about child slavery in Haiti into light.  Their mission is to end child slavery in Haiti through education, housing, sponsorship, and creating awareness. 


4th& Grove would like to be part of something greater, to make a difference in this world starting with one child.