What is Decorator for a Day?

With our decorator for a day service, you receive up to 5 hours onsite service for consultation and space planning.  Use my face to face interior decorating skills however you'd like for the duration of the time.

This service is for local clients only New York City, New Jersey, northern region of Delaware, and the greater Philadelphia area.



There are so many benefits to the Decorator for the Day service that it is unbelievable.  You can split up the day for consultation, shopping, and light styling, you can consultation, color palette selection, and shopping, or whatever you like. 

Hey, if you don't know how to use me for the day; that's fine.  After you complete your initial consultation form, I will give you some ideas before I get there.  Let's not waste anytime, people.  I want you to get the best service for the time we will be working together.

It's like a dream come true.  Who wouldn't want a day's worth of access to an interior designer to use however you like.  

If you are on a budget what better way to make the best of your budget and get a variety of various services that you normally wouldn't be able to afford individually.

Decorator for a Day is a convenient service, we come to you, on your schedule, and serve you your way.  

Hello, it doesn't get any better than that!


How does this work?

It's easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!

Once you purchase the service, you will be sent an email to complete a questionnaire with some questions about your needs and other design type questions.  That way we will have an idea of what you may need or want us to help you with.  I can also prepare for my visit to bring what we may need like swatches or list of nearby stores to shop, and the list goes on!

After the reading your questionnaire, I will get back to you with some ideas of what services may work best during our day together.  Once we have an idea of what we will be doing that day, I will send you a link with my schedule so you can book our day together.  

Presto! Done!



“I hired Rosana for a day.  I told her that I only can shop in one store where I have a credit card and that I wasn’t looking to break the bank.  She was up for the challenge.  She went in there and in less than 2 hours; she purchased all the décor needed for my living and dining rooms.  P.S.  My two girls went shopping with us and were running amuck in the store, but it didn’t phase Rosana she was in her zone.”  Marie, Pennsylvania

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there additional cost during the 5 hour service?

Surprisingly, there is no additional cost for this service.  I am in your space for the day, use me as you may.  I will be very upfront about how this service works so you know exactly what you are getting.  I do not offer face to face e-design services, sorry that's a separate service.  

That seems overwhelming, how would I know how to use the decorator?

Well before I come to your home or space, you will need to complete a mini consultation questionnaire so I have an idea of what you need and how I can help you.  From there, we should have a better idea of what our day together will be like.  I will let you know what seems reasonable for us to get done during that time.

What if I need more than 5 hours?

Well, that all depends on the distance I took to travel to get to you.  I may not have enough time to spend more than 5 hours that day.  You can book an additional day in that case.  

You can also pay an agreed upon hourly rate after 5 hours, if you need some extra time. 

What if I want additional services after the visit?

I look forward to having a productive fun filled day and grateful that my clients enjoy the service so much that they would like to continue to work with me.  I would be glad to discuss additional services you may need. You can always return to the site to make additional services. 

How do I assure that we make the most of our time together?

Be sure to complete the mini consultation questionnaire prior to me visiting your home.  That way we both know what is expected and I can prepare for the visit ahead of time.

Are you available on weekends for this service?

Yes, I am available on the weekends for the Decorator for a Day service.  In fact, I mostly complete this service on the weekends due to client availability.  Saturdays is my most popular day for this service.

Decorator for a day
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