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Hello and Welcome!

I'm Rosana. And I'm so grateful that you are visiting 4th and Grove and taking time to learn about me and my company.

Professional Bio

Rosana Lamontagne is an interior decorator for the modern woman who wants a beautiful home within her means.  Rosana's work bridge her years of experience in the mental health field with her passion and creativity in design.  She utilizes these skills to find what works best for clients including lifestyle, function, and the energy and feel of a room.  

Rosana inspires women to recognize that they deserve a beautiful home.  And with her help, they will have just that!

Rosana is purpose driven from her blog which entertains, educate, and inspire women about interior decorating and creating budget friendly luxurious looking room designs. 

Find her at www.4thandGrove.com

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More about 4&G

More about 4&G

Hello again, 

I'm Rosana, an interior decorator with soul

I work with the modern woman a.k.a YOU to create beautiful spaces in your home without breaking the bank.  

I'm excited that you're thinking about decorating your home because it WILL change your life!

Too many of us think that it costs an arm, leg, and saving up forever to have a home like the ones we see in magazines or on TV.  Well, it's not true.

You can afford to have a beautifully decorated home to show off to neighbors, host a girl's night, and that will have all your family and friends talking.

Or to just come home, pour a glass of wine,  kick off your heels,  look around and say...

Dang!  This is all mines, I work hard, deserve it, and will enjoy it!

Yes, you do and yes you will!  

Let's transform your home and make it what you've always dreamed of. 

Subscribe to my blog for decorating inspiration and tips to embark on this new journey.

Well, let me tell you how it all began...

I always loved decorating from the time I could remember from redesigning my bedroom on a weekly basis to renovating my parents' living room as a teen.  

Hey, this is what I've always loved to do!

Okay, so one day in my high school English class my teacher said we had to choose careers with sustainability that were important and needed in the world.  

As she called each person row by row; my stomach turned. I watched her question numerous students only to see them buckle under pressure.

I thought I'd better come up with something good 'cause she is going to question interior designer as a sustainable career.

At that time I had no clue how loving the space you live in affects all aspects of a person's life.  I figured she'd see interior design as inadequate and unnecessary.  I needed to pick something that would save lives so people can see a clear difference in this world.

So, when it was my turn I said... a doctor.  I knew deep in my heart that I didn't want to be no medical doctor, but figured that was a safe answer.  And it was because she asked no questions.  My parents agreed and told me that should be the route of my future.

But what about me, what I wanted, or my hopes and dreams?

I went along to college, then graduate school and dedicated 15 years of my life to the field of mental health.

Along the way, I decorated many homes and events.  I always knew what my passion was, but was afraid to embark on it.  In the back of my head I always thought it was unsustainable and not essential.

Until, I had a moment in the Fall of 2014, where I knew my life was not what I wanted it to be.

I realized that I had to go after my dreams no matter what.  Helping people has always been apart of me and this time, I will do it through interior design.  

One year later, after mustering up the courage and taking a leap of faith; 4th and Grove was born.

4th Avenue and Grove Street is the intersection where all my dreams began.

In small town New Jersey, a little girl with big promise would become a woman waiting to be fulfilled.  

This woman finally did something for herself that she can be proud of.

Join me.

Do something for you.

Change your life.

Change how you live.

Go after what you want.

Turn your house into a home.

Turn your home into your dream.

This is your time.

You deserve it.

You are not alone.

I will help you every step of the way with all that I have and all that I am.

Who am I? Really?!

I am a creative.   I love art, spirituality, design, nature, decorating, food, and fun.  I am a pescatarian. In other words I eat seafood, but no meat.  I  enjoy the occasional food porn; watching my friends eat some really good looking chicken, burgers, or anything in between.  

I'm a family person.   Planning and decorating for get togethers light me up especially when I get to watch everyone enjoy it!

I come from a large immediate family and love to hang out and travel with my sisters. Sorry bros!

I'm a wife of a ninja.  Okay, my husband is not a ninja, but he loves martial arts and has dedicated his life to it.  My house is all karate kicks and forms.

I'm a mom of three: a rambunctious toddler and two little wanna be 20 something girls. 

I know one day I will tell my children to live their dreams and that they can have anything they want in life if they go after it.  I'm excited about that day because I know my life story will be an example to them.

I am a work in progress; forever changing and growing.

I am fortunate to have aligned my purpose, talents, and dreams. 

I am so happy I can share them with you through my work!

Contact ME!  I'd love to hear from you.



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Innovative Psychology Based Planning

Innovative Psychology Based Planning


I studied mental health counseling in college and practiced for over 15 years.  Although, I love counseling; I decided to pursue my lifelong passion as an interior decorator.  I've been decorating for years including residential, commercial, and event spaces.

Counseling comes in handy when figuring out what works best for your space such as your lifestyle, what you love, and the energy or feel of a room.

Helping others is my passion and I plan to do just that right in your space!  EVERYONE on ANY BUDGET, in ANY SIZE SPACE, even WITH CHILDREN can have a beautiful functional space and I am here to prove just that.  Come take this journey with me and make your space what you’ve always dreamed of!


Giving Back

Giving Back

At 4th & Grove with every product or service you purchase, you help a child in need.

We are proud to support an organization near and dear to our hearts.

To fully understand why 4th & Grove chose to support Restavek Freedom, you have to know the story. 


It started in Haiti years before I was born with my grandmother, Marilee.  My grandmother was an intelligent, beautiful, giving person.  Unfortunately, she passed away when my mother was 11 years old.

When Marilee was alive; she would show generosity to others by providing the homeless in her community with food when she made dinner for her family.   As a single mother she didn’t have much, but it was something that was in her heart to do. 

Through a series of unfortunate events following my grandmother’s passing, my mother became homeless on the streets at age 11.

Although, she is no longer physically present; her legacy continues to live within us. 

My grandmother’s giving heart came full circle.

A homeless man who she would often feed found that my mother was living on the streets.  He would often do odd jobs for the elite and noticed that one of his “clients” could use some help.  He offered for my mother to be of service to them (work in their store and do light cleaning) in exchange for food, shelter, and education.  They agreed.  This is how my mother became a restavek. 

In Haiti, a restavek is a child who is in servitude usually in exchange for basic needs such as food, clothing, education, and shelter.   

Fortunately, my mother’s story ended well as the family provided for her needs, treated her as their own child, and eventually adopted her.  Five years later, they moved to the United States and the rest is herstory. 

Not many restavek stories end or begin like my mother’s. 

In Haiti, it is common for families in the country side or in severe poverty to offer their child for servitude in hopes for a better life with an understanding that the child will be cared for more than the family can provide.  Many children in these situations end up with people that treat them unfairly, work them hours on end, don’t provide them with an education, and don’t allow them to see their families. 

Restavek Freedom is an organization that is bringing the truth about child slavery in Haiti into light.  Their mission is to end child slavery in Haiti through education, housing, sponsorship, and creating awareness. 


4th& Grove would like to be part of something greater, to make a difference in this world starting with one child.